Alternative Cinema has organized a Script Writing Workshop for those keen in learning the creation process of a film from ground zero.

It has been offered a real life situation in which a young beautiful girl, in a trolley station, observed that a man is staring at her. Then he got in the same trolley as her, sit beside her, got off at the same station, entered the same block of flats, got in the same elevator, got off at the same level and… entered another apartment. In fact, the feeling, that someone followed her and all her dread she got from it, was all in her head, because nobody really followed her. But this situation is plausible and it can happen and it happens in all the cities around the world.

This situation has inspired 5 ideas of stories which include the same “stalking” – from the trolleybus station to the apartment door. These ideas have been proposed by:

Artiom Oleacu

Ion Bălan

Cristian Madan

Ronin Terente

Slavic Tonu

Weekly meetings have been organized at the National Library in Chișinău from 27th August until 10th December 2014 where ideas have materialized slowly into well developed scripts, the process being guided by director Dumitru Grosei. The meetings were public, the doors being opened for anybody who wished to watch the creation process. Ion Munteanu and Denis Croitoru have participated also with ideas to these scripts.

At the Workshops’s end, a feature film in “omnibus” format has been realized which includes 5 short stories that have in common:

Story Arc (the stalking of a girl by a man)

Space (everything happens in the same distict)

Time (most of the events happen during the night)

The efforts of this Workshop don’t end here. In the present, the film is being pitched in search of financing. More details here.

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