Recently, THE GIFT film (Moldova/Romania, 2015) was selected in the official competition of the Green Valley International Film Festival 2018, which will take place in Istanbul (Turkey) between June 1st and 3rd, 2018. This is the third selection of THE GIFT film, for this beginning of the year. The film is an ALTERNATIVE CINEMA product (Moldova) and co-produced by ROVA FILM (Romania), directed by Dumitru Grosei. The script was written by Marian Crisan and Dumitru Grosei. The festival focuses on independent film and aims to support independent filmmakers from around the world.


Still photo from THE GIFT

A kid gets a pair of binoculars as a Christmas gift, but what he wants more is to go hunting with his father.


Still photo from THE GIFT

Director’s Statement:
Every child has, at one moment, a coming of age experience. This short film observes one of these moments. Victor, the kid in the film THE GIFT, goes hunting with his father for the first time. He will confront the brutal and grotesque reality of this ritual in a sunny winter day.

THE GIFT official trailer:


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