In the 12-16 December 2016 period, in Chișinău unfolds a TAIEX expert mission involving the Capacity Development of the National Centre of Cinematography.

The TAIEX project has been elaborated by the Ministry of Culture, for facilitating the activity of CNC Moldova according to good practice and European standards. The project is financially and logistically supported by the European Commission.

The Representative of the National Centre of Cinematography and Animated Images of France, Julien Ezanno and the director of Estonian Film Institute, Edith Sepp are the experts who will perform the TAIEX expert mission. During the event, the two professionals in the Film Industry will make detailed presentations regarding the present state of the European Film Industry. They will speak about their personal experience and will make recommendations for developing the local film environment. Also, the international experts will visit the Ministry of Culture, the Academy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts, Moldova Film and MoldCinema.

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