On 22nd December 2017, a preview of the documentary film, CĂLĂRAȘI – A LAND AT HEAVEN’S GATE, has been screened at Călărași Cultural Center, in front of an enthusiastic audience, which filled the 600 seat auditorium. The film has been produced by SYMBOL MEDIA, co-produced by ALTERNATIVE CINEMA and supported by Călărași District Council. After the screening, a Q&A followed, moderated by Elena Dodon, during which the audience was able to discuss with those involved in the making of this film:
Dumitru Grosei – director;
Arcadie Plăcintă – producer;
Tatiana PopaDumitru Trifan – advisers;
Maria Dodon, Valeriu Zubcu, Tudor Aghenie, Constantin Stegărescu, Vasile Goncear – protagonists.
Sergiu Artene – president of Călărași District Council.

Filming took place in the period between June – November 2017, in Călărași region. During this period, 4 local folk groups have been involved in the film, Casa Părintească museum (Palanca village), House of Violin museum (Călărași town), House of Honey (Răciula village), The Potter House (Hoginești village), Aghenie Winery (Sadova) and over 200 people from the villages Palanca, Răciula, Meleșeni, Sadova, Leordoaia, Bravicea, Hârbovăț, Hârjauca, Frumoasa and Hoginești.
We mention that the film is still in the post-production phase and it has been screened as a work-in-progress version. Currently, we are in negotiations with some professional post-production studios from Romania and Sweden (for color-grading/mastering and sound mixing/mastering), which use state of the art technologies. We plan to make the official film premiere in the first half of 2018, in Chișinău, possibly within the CRONOGRAF International Documentary Film Festival.

Photo reportage: Cristian Madan

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