Moldavian Short Cut is a short film programme consisting of moldavian productions, focusing especially on independent and student films, screened at the Cannes Film Festival, in the Short Film Corner non-competitive section. The selection is made through a contest reviewed by an international jury.

Cannes Film Festival is the most impressive international film festival from the world, and one of the most publicized. The Short Film Corner section of the festival is a platform dedicated to all the world directors and producers, who have the chance to make themselves visible and make a good deal of networking, meeting with festival organizers and selectors, other directors and producers.

This project will be launched at this year’s end for the 2017 edition of Cannes Film Festival. For the beginning, we will select the best 5-6 Moldavian short films.

The jury will consist of:

Marian Crișan, director/script writer (București)

Tonio Descanvelle, actor/director (Paris)

Victor J. Prokofyev, film critic, director Sf. Ana Film Festival (Moscova) & programme director at Kinoshock Film Festival

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