Independent Filmmakers Association from Moldova ALTERNATIVE CINEMA – is a non-profit cultural association, of syndicalist type, that promotes all the areas of Cinema, but also of all the adjacent visual arts: Animation, Video Art, Photography, Painting, Theatre, Hand-Made Art, etc. Regarding filmmaking, we operate in two fundamental directions:

1. Education – ALTERNATIVE CINEMA Workshops, organized by the main Film Specialties (directing, photography, editing, sound design, scenic treatment, script writing, film acting, production and film criticism), in which we organize different activities with instructional purposes: masterclasses, workshops, film events, summer schools and which have a common objective, on a longer term, of creating an International Film School. And, as the crowning of every work of art, is its public display, another important aspect of our instructional activities is – the Film Library. To this aim, we work to establish a Film Library Theatre and an International Independent Film Festival.

2. Production – The main objective is: our own production, the support of independent and experimental films and their distribution in the national and international markets. To this goal, we work to become self-subsistent, by having our own film equipment, but also to collaborate with other independent, national and international Production Companies.