Between 18th and 22nd December, at Stockholm the International Film Festival BaNeFF doc.short 2016 has occured. In the short-film category, 3 Moldovan films have monopolized the competition’s podium, in the following order:


Ist Prize. PAPARUDA (r. Lucia Lupu)

Motivation: To deny to a fellow water opens up a predisposition of barbarism. A genocide begins by people taken from the right to the most mundane things as a name, a glass of water or citizenship.


IInd Prize. RAISA  (r. Pavel Cuzuioc)

Motivation: A deeply human film that deserves an award because it talks about the big things with small means and respecting both it’s subject and the audience’s intelligence.


IIIrd Prize. THE GIFT (r. Dumitru Grosei)

Motivation: A well played film on the carnage and rituals required to be part of the large boys’ world. A creeping malaise that finally gets its sad ending. The film tells very strongly about the mentality that must be maintained in order to be considered a real man. With small but very strict image, a strong and highly memorable story is built of a man’s world, almost without replicas.

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