Alternative Cinema presents for the first time in Moldova a SFX Masterclass with Make-up Artist from Bucharest Dana Bordea, which will take place in the Cocoșul Roșu workshop, str. Sciusev 70, Chișinău saturday, 3rd december 2016, 16:00.

Creating the beautiful and the bizarre

She is a bachelor of fine arts and had worked in film industry for eight years. Her clients include Media Pro Pictures, Castel Film, Luna Film, Fashion TV etc. She is experienced in all areas of the craft, including: special makeup efects, prosthetics, hairdressing and also beauty makeup.

Her first love is painting, but while studying for her bachelor of fine arts she discovered the beauty of filmmaking and theater. After her degree she specialized in stage design and developed a passion for detail. This inspired her to use her knowledge of painting to work in makeup, special efects and prosthetics. As an artist, all surfaces are interesting. Canvas, paper, fresco, metal, glass or skin.

Masterclass Programme:

– Kit presentation: specific materials;
– the presentation of some materials at hand;
– modern techniques used in the SFX make-up in the digital film era;
– the relation between the light on the set and the SFX make-up.

– making of a simple wound with simple materials at hand;
– making of a wound with special materials;
– projection of the filmed process of the make-up on the screen and professional analysis;
– conclusions.

Makeup Artist: Dana BORDEA (București)
DOP: Adrian PĂDUREȚU (București)
Model: Vasiluța VASILACHE (Chișinău)
Making of: Cristian MADAN
Moderator: Dumitru GROSEI (Chișinău)

We ask for the participants at the masterclass to contribute with a moderate sum (for materials, equipment and space): 150MDL.

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